Save our Koalanas!

The forest fires were intense for our cute creatures.

As the "Koalanas Gonna Make It Embassy", our mission is clear. We swear to prepare our furry friends with everything they need to rebuild their fallen habitat. We will provide them with the necessary travel documents to take them to their new home. 🚀


Time left before boarding :

burning forest
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Visa application process.
Important information regarding Koalanas travel.

The whitelist is currently accepting the earliest of our various social media followers. Their name is OGs Albinos, if you hurry, you can be one of them!

All of our 6,969 Koalanas will need to find their new permanent owners. As soon as the early access period is over, minting will be available to the public.
If needed, we will also add a full whitelisting process the last week before our launch.

Whitelisted Adopters :
- "Og Albinos" holders will be able to mint three cute NFTs
- Other potential whitelisted members will get a maximum of two.
Public Adopters :
- During the next phase of the sale, a limit of one cute NFT per transaction will be set.

We would be happy to hear from you on our official discord server.
Our loyal members, moderators and the KGMI assembly staff are always able and willing to help. Please never hesitate to ask the community for anything you're unsure about.
We're one big happy family!

Frequently asked questions

Road Map

Ready to escape!
very soon

Delivering Passports to the Moon

We want our launch to be as fair and accessible as possible. We already started giving away our Ogs albinos role inside our community. Join us on Discord and Twitter to become a part of it!



The rocket ship is starting to board its passengers! Our 6,969 randomly generated Koalanas are ready for deployment, catch as much as you can. A new and exciting life is starting for you and your new furry friends.

Distributing funds


Just after our boarding:
10% funds from our initial mint funds will go straight to the charities of our choice.
Our main focuses are:
- to help recover the damaged forests our koalanas call home.
- to assist nursing the real koalas back to a healthy life.
- Future announcements will be made regarding specific organizations and suggestions are always welcome.

Embassy funds

Another 10% will fill our treasury funds, which will be governed by the upcoming Koalanas Holders Organization (KHO).


Farther into our new adventure together, our members will be excited to hear that we intend on designing our very own merchandise. Details are slim at the moment but we can discuss as a community to iron out details.

Plans and ideas for the future

Lunar Eucalyptus Forest

We plan to build our own eucalyptus forest on the surface of the moon itself! Our cuties will finally regain their original habitats and will be able to start doing what koalanas do best, chilling!

Koalana's Real Power

Is there anything better than seeing a Koala in their favorite tree? Some surprising things can happen to our animals when they become reunited with them!

Saving Life on Earth

What about saving other animals? What about saving all of humanity? We will never stop building and donating.

Koalanas want interactions

Please check out our weekly Medium articles for more information.

The Team

Koalanas Gonna Make it Embassy Workers

Maverick Counsellor





Being a jack-of-all-trades, you can ask him anything anytime! Just make sure he has his 3 cups of coffee first! #KGMI

Vivi Artist





From her mind the ideas arise, by her hands they are created. As a laser-focused perfectionist, she leaves nothing to chance. But wait, I was told that Koalanas were "randomly generated"?

Marsup Developper





The main builder of the Koalana Rocket Ship.
If he fails we all fail.